Isaura Wintergard


Strong and constant

At the end of the Blackfyre Rebellion it was obvious that one of the most pressing matters facing King Otto Targaryen was the lack of governance in several large regions of Westeros now that the Baratheons, Tullys and Starks were wiped out or declared criminals. Of those regions, it was the North that caused the most concern given the tendency of the Northern lords to reject the rule of any they considered unworthy. The king sent members of his own family to the Houses of the North to maintain order until he could find an acceptable person to be named Warden.

Shortly after the court celebration of the King’s victory, Lady Isuara Whitefyre, formerly Stark, traveled to the North in the company of the Hand of the King. Lord Arryn investigated several unfortunate happenings in the North on behalf of the King and spoke at length with the Lords about who they would want to have as Warden. Because of the King’s graciousness it was understood that Lady Whitefyre would be allowed to reclaim her family’s lands and position, although not their name. If a man acceptable to the North could be found, he would be married to Lady Whitefyre, a new name would be established, and he would be appointed Warden of the North.

Upon their arrival in Riverrun for Lord Lannister’s celebration of the restoration of the Riverlands, Lord Arryn reported to the King on the situation in the North and it was determined that a Warden must be appointed as quickly as possible. The King spoke to Lady Whitefyre and urged her to return to Winterfell and marry the most likely candidate, one of the sons of Lord Conner Mormont. Nedward Mormont had traveled extensively throughout the North after the Blackfyre Rebellion, leading a band of men who tried to maintain law and order in the absence of proper authority which combined with the support of his father made him an ideal man to be appointed Warden.

Returning to the North after this discussion, Lady Whitefyre wasted no time in negotiating the details of the marriage with Lord Mormont. A new house would be established effectively replacing the Starks and filling the gap their absence had left in the politics of the North. It was decided that the new house would bear the name Wintergard and the marriage was carried out before the heart tree at Winterfell.

Isaura and Nedward chose the words “Strong and constant” to define what they wanted their house to represent. For their sigil they chose to use the cerberus that Isaura and Ashter had chosen for Whitefyre without its wreath of white flame. Although it is reminiscent of the Stark direwolf, the House Wintergard cerberus is a much more loyal guardian, one who is aware of the importance of the past, the present, and the future.

Isaura Wintergard

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