Tyberian Lannister

Lord of House Lannister, Warden of the West, Master of Coin


Noble Merchant Lord of House Lannister. Built the Westerly Lion Trading company while his Brother was Lord of the Rock. There is a song written about his time at sea while he was younger. It’s the Dirge of Tyberian Lannister, Titled “The Heart of the Ocean”. 20 years ago his brother died from health issues and Tyberian took over while still running his Trading Company. He is friendly and approachable (the noble merchant who seems to like everyone, but rumors abound that he is a shrewd business man. Did you hear what happened to Castamere? The Reyne Family’s ancestral home. They were one of the Lannister’s Bannermen families but they supported Blackfyre and murdered Tyberian’s wife in an attempt to kill him. Tyberian buried and drowned them all alive in the caverns below their keep. They wrote a Song about it.. the “Rains of Castamere”.

Hails From: Casterly Rock

Current Master of Coin

Tyberian Lannister

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