Win or Die

Dark Wings, Dark Words IV
News From Across Westeros

Ravens come and go, delivering information from house to house… 

The North

- The Manderly armada, much of which was financed by the Iron Throne, met with the Blackfyre fleet and sailed south. The treasury of White Harbor was seemingly stripped of all resources and Ser Roger Gaff, castellan of New Castle, has been relieved of duty and replaced by Rory Reed as temporary governor of the Manderly lands. House Manderly has been declared a renegade family while Jormyn Manderly is declared a traitor to the Iron Throne. 

- All northern bannermen to the Wintergards have officially bent the knee to the Warden of The North. The region is considered stable at this time. 

- Karhold reconstruction continues.

The Vale

- Florin Arryn is now engaged to Olivia Tyrell, they have not set a date, but both houses are thrilled for this happy union.

- The Vale continues to focus on farming and livestock development. There are rumors of a major future building project in Gulltown.

- Seagard and The Twins are still ruled by Arryn governors, however Lord Arryn is known to be considering lords to take those seats.

- Most of the Arryn banners are now in Dorne with their new Alliance of Stone comrades. Relations with the Stonelords are warming.

The Westerlands

- Tyberian then in partnership with Lord Wintergard moved quickly to assure that the north was secure from Manderly treachery and met with forces around White Harbor to assure that no other uprising was to occur. The found White Harbor empty of all Manderlys and a shell of a city, and it was left in Lord Wintergard’s care.

- Tyrek Lannister has been leading Lannister forces in partnership with the crown and Arryn forces in Dorne. Banners have been called in the West to defend the Westerlands, Riverlands and the Crown.

- Eldren Clegane has returned to Clegane Keep too lay his uncle Khaldor to rest and to take his seat as Lord of Clegane Keep. Khaldor is survived by his two younger brothers Lothor and Andrick Clegane, and his nephew Eldren Clegane.

- Lady Ambrosia will govern Riverrun for the time being and Lady Alyssane will govern at Casterly Rock until further notice.

- The Riverlands has continued to prosper under Lady Ceshta's governance.

The Crownlands

- It was announced that Queen Azurine Martell is with child.

- The marriage between Otto I Targaryen and Azurine Martell has been officially annulled and the treaty between the two houses absolved. The title of "Prince of Dorne" will no longer be acknowledged by the Iron Throne. 

- War is officially declared on House Martell by House Targaryen

- The coast of the Crownlands was attacked by a fleet of Blackfyre and Manderly ships. Dragonstone was sacked utterly. The enemy fleet was stalled at Driftmark due to the efforts of House Lannister and Arryn, and what managed to survive Blackwater Bay's defenses was soundly defeated by Kings Landing's harbors when they arrived. Azurine Martell escaped with the help of Valor Targaryen during the chaos of the attack. Together they kidnapped Vorenya Targaryen. It was discovered that the fleet which attacked Kings Landing was a splinter fleet and the bulk of the armada continued to sail south towards Dorne. 

- King Otto I Targaryen was tragically assassinated at The Highgarden Wedding. The Tyrells are actively investigating the death.

- Almia Targaryen was acknowledged as heir to the Iron Throne via will of Otto I Targaryen. The majority of The Seven Kingdoms remains hopeful that Almia can bring peace and stability to Westeros once again. While the many of the lords of the realm have bent the knee to Almia, recognizing her as queen, she has yet to receive an official coronation which requires the High Septon to bless and Master of Laws to confirm. Many consider this just a formality however since Otto sat on the Iron Throne, leading The Seven Kingdoms through the Blackfyre Rebellion for a year and a half before he was officially recognized as king.

- Natalus Ordello was named the new Master of Whisperers.

The Reach

- Princess Almia Targaryen and Lord Leo Tyrell wed under the grace of The Seven at Highgarden. 

- King Otto I Targaryen was assassinated by poison at his sister's wedding. Almia Targaryen is legally acknowledged as Otto's heir. 

- The organization calling themselves "The Fang" publicly make their presence known and claimed the bounty on Xanya Targaryen at the wedding. This seemingly confirms Xanya's death.

- Myr Greyjoy was poisoned and saved by the efforts of Lord Leo Tyrell. 

- The skulls of the Blackfyre supporters that had adorned the walls of the Red Keep have been taken down and given to the Silent Sisters for return to their families

The Stormlands

- Targaryen and Dondarrion forces march on House Wagstaff and Bolling. House Bolling is convinced to change allegiances once again and swear fealty to House Dondarrion. House Wagstaff has fled to Dorne and is replaced by the newly elevated knight family Staghammer. 


- The Greyjoy blockade pulls back and the fleet retreats the seas of Dorne.

- Saban Martell reaches out to the people of The Seven Kingdoms in an effort to draw allies against what he claims is a tyrannical king.  

- The Blackfyre/Manderly armada make landfall at Sunspear. The capitol of Dorne becomes heavily reinforced both by land and by sea.

- Rugar Arryn helps form the "Alliance of Stone" in Dorne consisting of House Dayne, Drinkwater, Manwoody, Wyl, Blackmont and Fowler. This alliance has broken it's allegiance to House Martell and has taken up arms against them with the full support of the Iron Throne. The Alliance is led by Lord Brevin Dayne. War continues to be waged in Dorne at a slow pace.

The Iron Islands

- The Greyjoy fleet cease their blockade on the Dornish and tactically retreat to Oldtown to repair, resupply and expand. 

- Aeron Greyjoy is made Master of Ships as one of Otto's final decisions as king.

Dark Wings, Dark Words III
News From Across Westeros

Ravens come and go, delivering information from house to house… 

The North

House Wintergard was established at Winterfell, and its Head, Nedward Wintergard, was named Warden of the North.

- House Wintergard has been happy to receive the loyalty of the majority of the northern Houses. House Manderly, Dustin, Ryswell and House Flint of Widow's Watch still having yet to bend the knee.

- House Wintergard has sent supplies to the Wall to continue to strengthen it in anticipation of Winter.

Isaura Wintergard established Strong Timbers Lumber Co with investments from ladies of several Houses. This new business venture aims to open more trade in the North. Distribution is handled by Lord Lannister's Westerly Lion Trading Company.

- Karhold was secured and garrisoned by House Bolton.

The Vale

- Things are quiet within The Vale

The Westerlands

- House Lannister has invested and partnered with house Wintergard on their Lumber trades using the Westerly Lion trading company and routes to more easily and quickly distribute and sell lumber, re-investing and enhancing the wealth of the North.

- The Riverlands continue to prosper under the gracious rule of the Lady of Riverrun, Ceshta Lannister

- Tyrek Lannister is now governor of Casterly Rock while Tyberian is in Kings Landing performing his duty as Master of Coin. Tyberian has declared Tyrek Lannister, “The Shield of Lannisport” and he will continue his duties as the General of Lannister forces.

- A shelter was established to aid those families crippled by the wars in the Riverlands. Ceshta Lannister founds "Our Lady of The Riverlands' Home for the Unfortunate and Displaced". 

The Crownlands

- The King marches with an army south to the Stormlands, leaving The Hand of The King in his place to rule as he is gone.

- By royal decree the Iron Throne implemented a lite tax on the Great Houses of The Seven Kingdoms. 

The Stormlands

- Two former bannermen of House Baratheon, House Bowling and Wagstaff, continue to follow House Martell instead of the new region's Lord Paramount. House Dondarrian join forces from Kings Landing march to meet the two Houses.

The Reach

- Highgarden becomes a hub of activity as plans for the wedding between Lord Leo Tyrell and Almia Targaryen are underway. 

- King Otto I Targaryen officially pardons the surviving bannermen of the Reach who supported House Blackfyre during the war. 


- Prince Saban Martell returns to Sunspear.

- The coast of Dorne has been assaulted suddenly by ships sailing with the Greyjoy flag. Dornish ships are pillaged and coastal holdings are hit hard. A naval blockade forms around major Dornish hubs.  These waters have become dangerous.

The Iron islands

- Greyjoys navies have began blockading and raiding the Dornish coast. There are raids on the western shore, and Dornish ships that try to enter or leave the southern and western shore are blocked by a large blockade of well-armed Greyjoy ships.

- There are rumors circulating about the previous Lord Flint’s lack of loyalty to Otto, and how he endangered the people of Flint through his past (and planned future betrayal). The new Lord of Flint will ensure loyalty to the King and security to his people.

- Greyjoys have rebuilt the structures that were destroyed in Flint. They are reconstructed in the “Pyke” style- strong, stone structures with various symbols of the Kraken decorating the exterior.

- Greyjoy navies and military continue guard the Shadow Tower. Additionally, diplomats from Pyke are sent to recruit locals to help man and defend the wall.

- House Greyjoy was honored with a royal visit by Princess Almia, Princess Vorenya, and Prince Brynden Targaryen, accompanied by Lord Tyrell. They enjoyed Pyke’s hospitality for many weeks.

- Rumors circulate to the reason for the royal visit. Some say it was to investigate the murder of Princess Vorenya’s mother. Some say it was to investigate the whereabouts of Bittersteel and the traitorous Targaryen bastards. Some whisper that there is a familial connection between one of the Targaryens and the Greyjoys.

Dark Wings, Dark Words II
News From Across Westeros

Ravens come and go, delivering information from house to house… 

The North

- The Wall received continued support from House Greyjoy and is in the best shape it's been in in years.

- House Manderly has built a massive fleet of ships. 

- The Crown will start investing to restore Moat Cailin.

The Vale

Lord Rugar Arryn and a substantial host spent a month in the North. He lead his host across the region, visiting various lords of the North. He ended his trip by marching to Flint's Finger before he traveled south to Riverrun.

The Westerlands

- An event was held at Riverrun, hosted by House Lannister, to celebrate the joint success of the restoration of the region. Guests from all across Westeros enjoyed House Lannister's hospitality.

Tyrek Hill, now Tyrek Lannister, has been officially recognized by King Otto I and The Faith of The Seven as the legal and rightful son of Tyberian Lannister and heir to Casterly Rock and all titles associated with that position.

- Ceshta Lannister was appointed to govern the region while Lord Tyberian performs his duties as Master of Coin.

The Crownlands

- Recovering from an illness, Grand Maester Oryso returns to his seat on the Small Council.

Princess Xanya Targaryen was arrested and imprisoned by the Crown for crimes against a High Lord. Rumors claim that she escaped with Blackfyre aid. 

The Stormlands

- Former Bannermen of House Baratheon, House Hasty and Lonmouth have bent the knee to House Martell. Lord Leo Tyrell has successfully facilitated a new Lord Paramount to the Stormlands, Arrec Dondarrion.  House Dondarrion will begin transitioning of power immediately.

The Reach

- Leo Tyrell has officially been engaged to wed Almia Targaryen.

- House Tyrell has built a large fleet of ships. 

- Leo Tyrell and the Crown have negotiated a conditional restoration of most of the minor houses in the South that backed the Blackfyres during the Rebellion.


Prince Saban Martell was removed as co-governor of the Stormlands prior to House Dondarrion's elevation.

- Elyana Manderly has officially been granted the surname of Martell.

The Iron Islands

- Flint's Finger was attacked by House Greyjoy. Lord Farris Flint and his heir are dead. House Greyjoy has left Flint's Finger.

Dark Wings, Dark Words I
News From Across Westeros

Ravens come and go, delivering information from house to house… 

The North

- The Night's Watch has been receiving resources in the absence of a Warden of the North. Shadow Tower has been reinforced by House Greyjoy.

- House Karstark was attacked months ago and seemingly destroyed by an unknown enemy, information is still being gathered on the event.

The Riverlands

- A massive reconstruction effort has come underway to restore central Westeros since the region was ravaged by the Blackfyre Rebellion. Resources have been sent to the Riverlands by House Lannister, Targaryen, Manderly, Arryn and Tyrell to rebuild. Efforts are ahead of schedule and progress is exceedingly efficient.

King Otto I has decreed that the Riverlands will be partitioned and given to House Lannister, Arryn, Targaryen extending their borders and responsibilities to the Seven Kingdoms.

- House Greyjoy has been given the Cape of Eagles. The noble houses of the Riverlands have bent the knee to each respective overlord.

The Vale

Florin Arryn was selected to govern the region while Lord Rugar Arryn performs his duties as Hand of the King.

The Westerlands

Ambrosia Lannister was selected govern the region while Lord Tyberian Lannister performs his duties as Master of Coin.

The Crownlands

- A celebration was held to officially recognize King Otto's coronation and victory over House Blackfyre. Gifts where given and a great feast was had.  Ashter Whitefyre won a tournament, dedicating his victory to Princess Vorenya Targaryen naming her the Queen of Love and Beauty. During a display of fireworks, the Lannister's gift of a lion was set loose and attacked Tyberian and Ceshta Lannister. Fortunately they were saved by the healing skills of Galena Mormont and Senelle Flowers. The lion sadly had to be put down.  Another one of the King's gifts, the ship The Iron Dragon gifted from the Greyjoys, was burned and destroyed. 

- The King has filled out positions on the Small Council. Lord Tyberian Lannister is now the Master of Coin, Brynden Targaryen is now the Master of Whisperers, Lord Jormyn Manderly is now the Master of Ships

The Stormlands

- King Otto I as decreed that the region will be governed, for the time being, by a joint effort of House Tyrell and Martell.

- Former bannermen of House Baratheon, House Bolling and Wagstaff, have sworn fealty to House Martell. The rest of the noble houses of the region have yet to bend the knee to any specific overlord. House Tyrell have invested resources into bringing stability to the Dornish Marches. 

The Reach

Olivia Tyrell was selected govern the region while Lord Leo Tyrell performs visits Kings Landing to begin managing the Stormlands with Prince Saban Martell.


- Khalis Sand was selected govern the region while Prince Saban Martell visits Kings Landing to begin managing the Stormlands with Lord Leo Tyrell.

The Iron Islands

- The region has expanded to encompass The Cape of Eagles. House Greyjoy have sent significant resources to reinforce Shadow Tower and offer aid to the Night's Watch. 


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