Win or Die

Dark Wings, Dark Words I
News From Across Westeros

Ravens come and go, delivering information from house to house… 

The North

- The Night's Watch has been receiving resources in the absence of a Warden of the North. Shadow Tower has been reinforced by House Greyjoy.

- House Karstark was attacked months ago and seemingly destroyed by an unknown enemy, information is still being gathered on the event.

The Riverlands

- A massive reconstruction effort has come underway to restore central Westeros since the region was ravaged by the Blackfyre Rebellion. Resources have been sent to the Riverlands by House Lannister, Targaryen, Manderly, Arryn and Tyrell to rebuild. Efforts are ahead of schedule and progress is exceedingly efficient.

King Otto I has decreed that the Riverlands will be partitioned and given to House Lannister, Arryn, Targaryen extending their borders and responsibilities to the Seven Kingdoms.

- House Greyjoy has been given the Cape of Eagles. The noble houses of the Riverlands have bent the knee to each respective overlord.

The Vale

Florin Arryn was selected to govern the region while Lord Rugar Arryn performs his duties as Hand of the King.

The Westerlands

Ambrosia Lannister was selected govern the region while Lord Tyberian Lannister performs his duties as Master of Coin.

The Crownlands

- A celebration was held to officially recognize King Otto's coronation and victory over House Blackfyre. Gifts where given and a great feast was had.  Ashter Whitefyre won a tournament, dedicating his victory to Princess Vorenya Targaryen naming her the Queen of Love and Beauty. During a display of fireworks, the Lannister's gift of a lion was set loose and attacked Tyberian and Ceshta Lannister. Fortunately they were saved by the healing skills of Galena Mormont and Senelle Flowers. The lion sadly had to be put down.  Another one of the King's gifts, the ship The Iron Dragon gifted from the Greyjoys, was burned and destroyed. 

- The King has filled out positions on the Small Council. Lord Tyberian Lannister is now the Master of Coin, Brynden Targaryen is now the Master of Whisperers, Lord Jormyn Manderly is now the Master of Ships

The Stormlands

- King Otto I as decreed that the region will be governed, for the time being, by a joint effort of House Tyrell and Martell.

- Former bannermen of House Baratheon, House Bolling and Wagstaff, have sworn fealty to House Martell. The rest of the noble houses of the region have yet to bend the knee to any specific overlord. House Tyrell have invested resources into bringing stability to the Dornish Marches. 

The Reach

Olivia Tyrell was selected govern the region while Lord Leo Tyrell performs visits Kings Landing to begin managing the Stormlands with Prince Saban Martell.


- Khalis Sand was selected govern the region while Prince Saban Martell visits Kings Landing to begin managing the Stormlands with Lord Leo Tyrell.

The Iron Islands

- The region has expanded to encompass The Cape of Eagles. House Greyjoy have sent significant resources to reinforce Shadow Tower and offer aid to the Night's Watch. 


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