Win or Die

Dark Wings, Dark Words
News From Across Westeros

Ravens come and go, delivering information from house to house… 

The North

The Night's Watch has been receiving resources in the absence of a Warden of the North. Shadow Tower has been reinforced by House Greyjoy. House Karstark was attacked months ago and seemingly destroyed by an unknown enemy, information is still being gathered on the event.

The Riverlands

A massive reconstruction effort has come underway to restore central Westeros since the region was ravaged by the Blackfyre Rebellion. Resources have been sent to the Riverlands by House Lannister, Targaryen, Manderly, Arryn and Tyrell to rebuild. Efforts are ahead of schedule and progress is exceedingly efficient. King Otto I has decreed that the Riverlands will be partitioned and given to House Lannister, Arryn, Targaryen extending their borders and responsibilities to the Seven Kingdoms. House Greyjoy has been given the Cape of Eagles. The noble houses of the Riverlands have bent the knee to each respective overlord.

The Vale

Florin Arryn was selected to govern the region while Lord Rugar Arryn performs his duties as Hand of the King.

The Westerlands

Ambrosia Lannister was selected govern the region while Lord Tyberian Lannister performs his duties as Master of Coin.

The Crownlands

The King has filled out positions on the Small Council. Lord Tyberian Lannister is now the Master of Coin, Brynden Targaryen is now the Master of Whisperers, Lord Jormyn Manderly is now the Master of Ships

The Stormlands

King Otto I as decreed that the region will be governed, for the time being, by a joint effort of House Tyrell and Martell. Former bannermen of House Baratheon, House Bolling and Wagstaff, have sworn fealty to House Martell. The rest of the noble houses of the region have yet to bend the knee to any specific overlord. House Tyrell have invested resources into bringing stability to the Dornish Marches. 

The Reach

Olivia Tyrell was selected govern the region while Lord Leo Tyrell performs visits Kings Landing to begin managing the Stormlands with Prince Saban Martell.


Khalis Sand was selected govern the region while Prince Saban Martell visits Kings Landing to begin managing the Stormlands with Lord Leo Tyrell.

The Iron Islands

The region has expanded to encompass the peninsula of Flint's Finger. House Greyjoy have sent significant resources to reinforce Shadow Tower and offer aid to the Night's Watch. House Flint has yet to swear fealty to House Greyjoy.

The Celebration of King Otto's I Victory over House Blackfyre
8th Day, 7th Month of 196

On this day King Otto I Targaryen received honored guests to celebrate with him his victory over the treasonous House Blackfyre while having an opportunity to reaffirm their fealty with a public show of thanks. 

The evening started with a meeting of the Small Council, soon followed by the arrival of representatives from Houses Martell, Manderly, Whitefyre, Lannister, Greyjoy, Tyrell, Arryn, Mormont, Upcliff, and Clegane. A grand feast was prepared by the best chefs in the realm. House Martell generously provided a spread of food from Dorne.

Once the guests had some time to eat and converse with friends, both new and old, the King took to his throne and awaited lords of the most prominent Houses in Westeros. To show their thanks and reaffirm fealty each represented House would be given a chance to publicly offer a gift to the King. 

Lord Jormyn Manderly, Head of House Manderly, presented a tower shield rimmed with Valarian Steel named Sword-Breaker. The gift was crafted by Obyd Manderly. Jormyn consecrated the gift, proclaiming "May it turn aside the blades of any would be usurper who would strike at the rightful Targaryn King."

Prince Saban Martell, Head of House Martell, presented a spear from Dorne. Saban stated "King Otto had already been given the heart of Dorne, Queen Asurine Martell, and that now he has the arm of Dorne, may he always be able to protect his ever-expanding borders."

Lord Leo Tyrell, Head of House Tyrell, gifted the reclaimed crown of Aegon the Conqueror. The Crown and King was lost to treacherous Dornish blades beneath a banner of peace, but the line of kings continued unbroken. Tyrell's finest, accompanied by the water dancer Lusando Lamora, tracked the bandit lord known as the Iron Vulture back to his mountain stronghold and liberated this powerful symbol of Targaryen strength and unity.

Lord Tyberian Lannister, Head of House Lannister, brought a mighty lion in an ornate and gilded cage. The majestic beast was rolled into the court in a powerful display. House Lannister also provided flowers and minstrels to play throughout the streets of Kings Landing for the duration of the coronation. High spirits and cheers from the commoners resonated into the Red Keep.

Lord Rugar Arryn, Head of House Arryn, presented the King with a shield which was used and borne by Ser Willem Eastshare, one of the knights in Ser Rugar's personal retinue during the Rebellion. Eastshare died fighting alongside Ser Rugar during the Battle of Maidenpool. Ser Rugar presented the shield, telling King Otto that House Arryn would forever be his shield and protectors, even to the death. Reminding all present that House Arryn had bled and died for the King while winning his crown for him, Ser Rugar gave the shield as a memento of their commitment to his reign and as a watchful sign in his throne room that House Arryn would always protect him.

Lord Marlow Greyjoy, Head of House Greyjoy, presented a new vessel. The Iron Dragon is an imposing ship built to illicit the pride of the Targaryens, the sea prowess of the Greyjoys, and the awe of all others. It is a three-keeled catamaran, each of the keels curving up into an intricately carved dragon's head. The main cabin is built for the luxury of royalty and as such has any amenity imaginable available. As a catamaran, the speed of the Iron Dragon is unmatched, its triangular main sail adding to this agility through the water. The sails feature the red Targaryen dragon across a field of Black and Gold.

Lady Isaura Whitefyre, Head of House Whitefyre, gave a stone from the oldest parts of Winterfell, said to have been laid by Brandon the Builder himself. It was given as a promise to rebuild the North and strengthen the Seven Kingdoms.

Lord Arryn, in front of the King, knighted Orrin Snow, being granted the surname Stormheart. Now Orrin joins the legendary ranks of the Knights of the Vale.

Once the gifts were accepted the King joined his subjects in court in preparation for the tournament. Florin Aryn, Lachley Tyrell, Leo Tyrell, Lusando Lamora, Eldren Clegane, Orrin Stormheart, Ashter Whitefyre and Jormyn Manderly entered the event to display their martial prowess. But it was Ashter Whitefyre that claimed victory and the purse. As tradition dictates, Whitefyre was given a wreath of flowers so that he may designate the Queen of Love and Beauty. Ashter chose Princess Vorenya Targaryen to dedicate his victory.

Gradually, day shifted into evening and the fireworks display that House Lannister prepared were underway. Minstrels began playing throughout the streets once more, offering the small folk a brief reprieve from their day-to-day lives. The demonstration of fireworks boomed for four minutes straight which would have been a wonderful end to the festivities, unfortunately the lion the Lannister's gifted was released from its cage and attacked Lord Tyberian Lannister and Cestha Lannister before it was promptly killed. Galena Mormont and Senelle Flowers, two gifted healers, saw to the two Lannister's wounds and likely save their lives. The attack happened despite the increased security. Those responsible for releasing the beast from its cage are currently at large and the Crown is looking for any information leading to an arrest.

The evening was beginning to settle down after the attack when an unknown arsonist set the Kings new ship, The Iron Dragon, aflame. The brand-new ship was quickly engulfed in a blaze but thankfully Greyjoy sailors worked with the city guards to isolate the fire and keep it from destroying other ships in the harbor. The evening was soon brought to a close and those who had a long trip ahead of them prepared to leave the next day.


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