House Baratheon of Storm's End

Storm’s End is one of the strongest castles in the kingdom with its massive, rounded curtain wall a hundred feet high and as much as eighty feet thick on the seaward side. The great drum tower is keep, granary, barracks, feast hall, and lord’s dwelling all at once. The stones of the wall and tower are entirely smooth and placed so perfectly together that the wind can find no purchase. It sits hard upon a high cliff overlooking the sea, and there is a barred, watery passage through a cavern that leads beneath the castle. Their motto is, “Ours Is the Fury."

Recently Corwen Baratheon kept his house neutral for most of the war and intended to ride out the conflict without committing fully to one side or another. This is until his eldest son was caught conspiring with the House Blackfyre at a military camp. Targaryen forces raided the unprepared camp, slaughtering everyone. The Blackfyre officers were executed on the spot as well as Corwen’s heir.

This outraged Corwen and he demanded reparations. The king decided that his son’s punishment was appropriate for the treason he was committing. Stating that the loss of House Baratheon’s eldest son is justice and that the crown will not be seeking further punishment on the great house so long as they cease and desist all conspiratorial activities immediately. This had the opposite effect the king was hoping for. House Baratheon, who was never in league with Blackfyre to begin with, joined the rebels.

After the war was over Targaryen forces came to arrest Corwen and his family. Deciding to stand and go out fighting, the Baratheon family met their enemies at the Storm’s End and met their fate ending the Baratheon line.  Now a Targaryen garrison occupies Storm’s End while the former Baratheon vassals manage without a liege until a replacement can be designated

House Baratheon of Storm's End

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