House Lannister of Casterly Rock

The Lannisters are an ancient house, descended from Andal adventurers and claiming descent through the female line from Lann the Clever, a legendary trickster of the Age of Heroes. They ruled as Kings of the Rock until the Field of Fire, where King Mern of the Reach died. King Tommen II had lost his life and the family’s Valyrian steel greatsword Brightroar when he had gone on his fool’s quest to Valyria King Loren of the Rock managed to survive and bend the knee to Aegon. The westerlands are rich in gold, making the Lannisters the richest house in the Seven Kingdoms. Their motto is, “Hear Me Roar!”

House Lannister supported the crown during the Blackfyre Rebellion.

Lord Tyberian Lannister

Ceshta Lannister

Airis Lannister

Ambrosia Lannister

Tyrek Hill

Alysanne Lannister

Eldren Clegane

House Lannister of Casterly Rock

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