House Martell of Sunspear

Sunspear is located on a peninsula of land just south of the Broken Arm.

A thousand years ago, Dorne was filled with petty, warring lords. When the warrior queen of the Rhoynar of the eastern continent, Nymeria, came with her people to Westeros, she took one of the strongest of the Dornish lords as husband. Lord Mors Martell, with the aid of Nymeria and the Rhoynar, conquered the rest of Dorne. Following the custom of the Rhoynar, the Martells now call themselves Princes. Dorne was the only kingdom in Westeros to be ruled independently from the Targaryens, and did so for 150 years.

After repeated attempts at conquest failed, King Otto brought Dorne into the fold by peaceable means, marrying the Prince of Sunspear’s sister and giving his own sister to be the wife of the Prince. Their motto is, “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.”

House Martell supported the crown during the Blackfyre Rebellion.

Prince Saban Martell

Taelyn Sand

Elyana Manderly

Sareyna Martell

Mateo Sand

Rhynereys Targaryen

House Martell of Sunspear

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