House Targaryen of the Crownlands

One of the ancient houses of the Freehold of Valyria, the Targaryens were one of the few families to survive the Detom of their home. They escaped to sail from the disaster, leading a remnant of their dragon-ruling people to the westernmost outpost of Valyrian influence, Dragonstone. A couple hundred years later, under Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters, the Valyrians and lords of Dragonstone were invading the realms of Westeros. Although the Targaryen kings took their seat at King’s Landing, the place where Aegon and his army first landed and made their first fort, Dragonstone remained the traditional seat of the heir-apparent to the throne. Their motto is, “Fire and Blood.”

Blackfyre Rebellion: The "Great Bastards" that stayed loyal to the Crown during the recent civil war, Brynden, (Bloodraven), Mya and Gwenys Rivers still reside in King's Landing.  It was discovered that  Shiera Seastar, thought to be a Targaryen loyalist, was manipulating Brynden during the war and sending intelligence to Daemon Blackfyre. She managed to flee the city and join Aegor Rivers (Bittersteel) once her agenda was revealed. Brynden suffered a severe injury during the war and is no longer a member on the Small Council. His two sisters, Mya and Gwenys, where never very politically active. 

Otto Targaryen​​​​​​

Azurine Martell

Almia Targaryen

Valor Targaryen

Rhynereys Targaryen

Vorenya Targaryen

Brynden Targaryen

Ashter Whitefyre

House Targaryen hosted a grand celebration to honor King Otto I's victory over House Blackfyre. All of the most prominent nobles from Westeros attended, offered gifts and enjoyed the Crown's hospitality. There were some problems as House Lannister's gift, a lion, was set loose and House Greyjoy's gift, a ship, was burned during the festivities. 

The Crown officially decreed that it would not replace House Tully as Lord Paramount of the Riverlands. Instead, the region would be divided and annexed by other houses. In addition, the Stormlands would be governed by a joint operation of House Martell and Tyrell, until a new Lord Paramount could be found. Not long after this decree, King Otto filled out the rest of his Small Council. 

Princess Xanya Targaryen was arrested for crimes against the lords of The Seven Kingdoms. Details were not overly abundant, but it is known that she was rescued from the Red Keep's dungeons and spirited away out of King's Landing. 

The Crown officially announced the House Martell was being removed from the Stormland's project. 

House Lannister instituted a new holiday, "Day of Reconciliation", in which everyone in the region under his rule, would celebrate the prosperity and revitalization of the region. House Lannister invited a number of lords from around Westeros to Riverrun where the family would graciously host the event. 

Almia Targaryen was officially betrothed to Lord Leo Tyrell. 

The Crown announced that House Dondarrian will be elevated to rulers of the Stormlands, Arrec Dondarrian will stand as Lord Paramount of the region.

House Targaryen of the Crownlands

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