House Manderly of White Harbor

The Manderlys are an ancient line who once lived along the banks of the mighty river Mander in the Kingdom of the Reach, and some claim the river was named after them. A noble house of great lords descended from the First Men, they held the castle of Dunstonbury as their seat and had a fierce rivalry with House Peake.

The minor House Manderly swore fealty to the Starks for generations. But now, with the Stark’s disgrace, House Manderly is on it’s own without the leadership of their Warden of the North. House Manderly has worn independence well however and have seen a sudden spike in success and influence since Winterfell was taken by the Targaryen steward and the Stark family’s exile. Much of this is due to a member of the Manderly family being gifted to the Dornish prince, increasing their political stance with the crown by proxy. The former lord of the house supported the crown during the war but offered little in the way of martial aid. The current lord, Jormyn, has yet to make a statement on the conflict.

Lord Jormyn Manderly

Obyd Manderly

Desmor Manderly

House Manderly of White Harbor

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