House Wintergard of Winterfell

When Ashter and Isaura Stark and their friends, Galena Mormont and her husband Jost, arrived in King’s Landing to warn King Otto that the Starks would be joining in Daemon Blackfyre’s rebellion, they had no idea that their father’s actions would lead to the destruction of their family. They imagined that at any moment Cregan would see the error of his ways and throw their House’s support behind the king. However, Cregan remained with Blackfyre’s forces until their defeat and, although he allowed himself to be executed for treason, the rest of the family still exists in a state of rebellion wherever they are hiding.

After Cregan’s execution, King Otto kindly gave permission for Ashter and Isaura to distance themselves from their family’s tainted legacy, and to become a new minor house in their own right. They chose the name Whitefyre to represent the snows of the north, their zealous loyalty, and to serve as a constant reminder of the events that had led to the Starks’ downfall. Although their sigil is reminiscent of the Stark direwolf, the House Whitefyre cerberus is a much more loyal guardian, one who is aware of the importance of the past, the present, and the future.

Ashter has been named Lord Commander of the King’s Guard which brings much honor to this new minor house. Isaura continues to live in the castle in King’s Landing, hoping to find a way to truly establish her house.‚Äč

House Whitefyre were one of the guests invited to King Otto I's celebration of victory over House Blackfyre.

House Lannister instituted a new holiday, "Day of Reconciliation", in which everyone in the region under his rule, would celebrate the prosperity and revitalization of the lands. House Lannister invited a number of lords from around Westeros to Riverrun where the family would graciously host the event.  

Isaura Whitefyre accompanied Lord Rugar Arryn on a journey into the North. She parted ways from the entourage once arriving at Winterfell where she hosted the newly arrived House Mormont.

Recently Isaura and Nedward Mormont wed. This established a new cadet family from the old. Once Nedward officially bent the knee to the King he officially recognized the new family as House Wintergard and installed Nedward as Warden of the North. Ashter was to remain in King's Landing serving as Lord Commander under the Whitefyre banner. 

Lord Nedward Wintergard

Isaura Wintergard

House Wintergard of Winterfell

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