There are many faiths, and many faithful. Belief in high powers and supernatural threats runs deep through the culture of the known world and influence most aspects of life. In The Seven Kingdoms nearly all children are raised praising either the new gods or the old and fear of the Others coming to claim them if they misbehave. Across the narrow sea children are often given to be raised to priesthood of one of the many deities worshipped there. Little is known about the actual deities and their powers

The Ironborn

Faith of The Seven

The Old Gods


The Rhoynar

Other Lesser Known Religions:

  • Aquan the Red Bull, whose priests sacrifice calves.
  • Bakkalon, the Pale Child favored of soldiers
  • the Black Goat, a deity worshipped in Qohor.
  • the Great Shepherd, the deity of the Lhazareen.
  • the Hooded Wayfarer, a patron of the poor.
  • the horse god, the deity worshipped by the Dothraki.
  • the Lady of Spears, the deity of the Unsullied.
  • the Lion of Night, a god preferred by rich men.
  • the Many-Faced God of Braavos, believed to be the true face of all the gods.
  • the Merling King, a deity worshipped by sailors.
  • the Moon-Pale Maiden, a deity worshipped by sailors.
  • the Pattern, a labyrinth leading to wisdom.
  • Great Other, a dualistic religion.
  • Semosh and Selloso, brother gods with twin temples.
  • the Silent God, who is worshipped at the Stones of the Silent God.
  • the Stone Cow of Faros, a deity worshipped on Faros.
  • Trios, a three-headed deity.
  • the Weeping Lady of Lys, a favorite of old women.


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